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Routine & Structure in Early Addiction Recovery You might find it difficult to concentrate. All these feelings can lead to relapse—this is why routine and structure are vital at this time. Stage 4 – Adjustment (121-180 days): While it may feel like you’ve been sober for an eternity by the end of six months, the reality is that you’re still in the early stages of recovery. Life may finally start to feel normal as you adjust to your new way of life. Yet, it’s not uncommon to feel restless, anxious, and lonely during this period, especially if you’ve cut off ties with former party friends. Cravings may subside during this phase, which can lead to overconfidence—you may be tempted to put yourself in risky situations (like meeting someone at a bar or spending helpful questions on picking out criteria for aetna infertility hotline phone number time with old friends). It’s critical to go to meetings regularly and resist falling into the overconfidence trap during this period. These timeframes are just a general guideline. No two people have the same experience in recovery. That said, the benefits of routine and structure apply almost universally to those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Why is routine click this link now so important? Let’s explore. Stability is one of the most important reasons for having a routine. Going to work or school every day, click reference attending meetings daily, exercising, making meals at home, shopping for groceries, getting together with family or friends—all these things provide a sense of stability and normalcy, which are critical for both short- and long-term sobriety.  Routine is especially important in the early months of recovery when temptation, cravings, and self-doubt can send you down the wrong path. Routine can help you reestablish lost trust. When you’re caught in the grip of addiction, it’s easy to neglect responsibilities like meeting work obligations, paying bills, making good on promises, and just generally being accountable to others. Establishing a routine and sticking to it can help you reestablish credibility with people in your life, including your parents, close friends, your employer, and others. Everyone benefits when you keep promises, fulfill responsibilities, and are fully present.

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