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It might save click this link now your life. Insane in the Membrane – The Brain on Cocaine Also known as coke, blow, white, powder, snow, and rock; cocaine is snorted, injected, and smoked. It is a fast-acting substance that surges the bloodstream almost immediately. The drug delivers a powerful rush of chemicals to the brain, which causes you can find out more an indescribable euphoric experience. It is this high that keeps users coming back for more (and more and MORE!). Because the cocaine high is short-lived, it induces cravings almost immediately. Someone who uses this drug will often snort, shoot, href=''> or smoke it obsessively for days on end without food or sleep. To sustain the high, many will drain all their financial resources to chase the buzz. Using this drug causes most people to be extremely paranoid. Many addicts admit that when they get high, they stare out the peephole or the window. They become convinced that the police or FBI are about to raid their house. Coke is so detrimental to the brain, it can even induce psychosis. In short, white can cause you to lose touch with reality and go temporarily insane. Coke Overdose is a Very Real Consequence For Users According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) , about 5,800 Americans died from a coke overdose in 2014. This is the most current data available. That same year, there were approximately 1.5 million active cocaine users in the United States.

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valium weed and alcohol